Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Little Cabin In Taos

One of our last hurrahs of summer. A visit to Taos, NM and this quintessential log cabin nestled in the foothills of one of the most soulful landscapes in the state. There is a lot to enjoy here, but our main focus is to retreat and to find a special setting to return to again and again.

If you saw my last post and got the idea that you might want a visit to Taos yourself, you might want to stay here! The link to Jordan Cabin is here.  (A lovely antique bench sits on the porch.)

The lower cabin originated in Missouri and was moved to the present location and reassembled log by log.The interior is everything you might imagine in a classic woodsy cabin anywhere.

Decorated with fine furniture and wonderful original art, the interior is the natural result of a cabin that is owned by a prominent local artist and his wife. This large deer painting, and others painted by the artist himself, hang in the beautiful rooms.  

The staircase to the loft is steep and almost a nod to the local native architecture which once used ladders to enter their dwellings!

A striking arched window on the landing upstairs brightens the interior. 

The views just outside the double door are spectacular! We especially enjoyed the birding early in the day.

A small irrigation canal runs through the secluded property located on the outskirts of Taos. Near enough to town to never have to cook! Little old outbuildings add to the ambiance.

A small orchard lies on the slopes below.

A few Taos blue metal lawn chairs captured my vintage heart. You could probably take home a souvenir painting of your stay if you want. . .

The artist's charming rendering hangs over the bed upstairs!

Jerry Jordan's art studio is found right outside beyond these wonderful chippy turquoise doors. If you are interested to know more about the artist here is an article to get you started.

Those windows open to a spacious upstairs sleeping loft that lets in the fragrant mountain air. We were lucky enough to enjoy a passing summer storm during our stay.

Surrounded by history on all sides, we had an enriching and restful stay in one of the most enchanting locations anywhere. Can't wait to return in fall and winter!

So nice that you stopped by for a look!

Now we're off to the grower's market.

Happy weekend!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Textures of Taos

I am a native New Mexican. Half of my roots are here for many generations. But this was my first visit to the Taos Pueblo in northern New Mexico. I already knew a bit about the location, and have seen many photos and paintings. But there is nothing like showing up and finally walking the history.

We took a short tour, and then spent time walking around and taking in impressions. I thought I would share a few with you.

These mud and timber structures are estimated to be over a thousand years old, and are renewed and maintained once or twice a year to keep them from eroding back into nature to become part of the spectacular landscape once again. I love how the blue window and door trim reflect the color of the sky.

The village is largely unoccupied by residents now, but many natives sell their wares inside the old structures. I very much enjoyed the shop signs with the authentic names of the tribal members.

The village shows it age and simple mysterious beauty.

The buildings have no electricity and are only allowed to use propane or kerosene for fuel. There is no plumbing or running water. Hence few still choose to live here full time. The outside doors are not original as entrance was originally through the roof after climbing up ladders. These entrances now serve as skylights in the small shops.

Dogs roam freely throughout the village.

Low porches  or ramadas were originally used to dry herbs, meats and vegetables in the sun. They still provide nice shade and interesting shadows.

As this one is, most of the knowledgeable guides are university students. This is a side view of the San Geronimo Chapel built in 1850 where tours begin near the entrance to the pueblo.

Aspen Wind (his actual name) was not present at his leather shop today. I couldn't help but add the wonderful texture of his shop door to the many weathered and time worn surfaces we enjoyed on our visit to the Taos Pueblo this day.

I'll be sharing more of our last licks of summer before it's all over. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Happy last of the Summer Days!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Latest Luscious Linens

Time for school again, and so I have my guest room "nursery" mostly to myself once more. It's sort of my think tank where I price shop stuff and manage my linens.

This room is long overdue for an update. But there will always be linens strewn around in here as well. 

I just finished soaking a small tub of linens and pressing them while they were damp. It leaves a crisp smooth finish similar to starching (which I never do). These two small towels I found on my recent travels for just a couple of dollars each. I am partial to all white linens with a crochet trim.

Look closely at the one on top for a butterfly worked in cross-stitch in an ivory thread.

I am crazy about this sort of detail.

This towel also has two different finishes on each end. 

I had mostly success with the soaking. Stains either went away or were much fainter after an overnight soak in Oxyclean and detergent, and a wash on the gentle or hand wash cycle. I never buy linens with terrible stains unless I plan to salvage parts. 

I was thrilled to find a pair of pillowcases with hand knit lace which is quite different from crochet. It is much more delicate, and hard to find in good condition. 

I found this pair of pillowcases with the deep lace trim in a local fleamarket.
You see them just as I found them with an ivory cast which will be lost at the first wash. That is a small laundry mark in the corner. They are in like-new condition having been carefully kept for at least fifty to seventy years. 

This set of place mats is not old, but was found at an almost giveaway price. How could I walk way from something this yummy?

That's some of the latest for me! I haven't worked with linens for awhile. And this is just a small pile. But there are few greater pleasures in the world.

I hope you are getting in a few of your own pleasures as summer is winding down and we are transitioning to other things.

Happy Days!


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